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"The performances were just magical. Colleen balanced the performance aspect with the organic work of the children beautifully. What a great experience!"

Theater builds confidence and teaches children how to cooperate in a group setting. Children learn to listen, think outside the box, and tap into their fantastic imaginations to become whoever or whatever they want to be!


Since 2011, I've been teaching theater to the very young - ages 2.5-5 years. Typically classes run 30-45 minutes, and in that time we play games using props and our imaginations, participate in warm ups for our bodies and voices, and sing songs. We usually do a small play in each class (fairy tales, group adventures, stories based on books I bring in, etc). It's a very active and physical class, and we explore emotions, different characters, and the wonderful things our bodies can do, all in a fun, safe space. Children who want the spotlight get a chance to shine. Children who are less outgoing gain confidence while playing as part of a group, getting a chance to perform without the pressure of all eyes being on them.  


I find that children are the best actors, who have the kind of freedom in their play that professional actors strive for.  I love what I do. For more info, or to arrange a class for your school or institution, contact me.


Some places where I've lead journeys to the moon and back (among other imaginary journeys):


Brooklyn Heights Synagogue Preschool

First Step Pre-K Center

Hudson's Off Henry

Parker's Place Preschool

Pre-K 280 in Windsor Terrace

Rory's Room Preschool

The Stomping Ground

"Colleen Horan is an energetic and creative theater instructor with a passion for educating through the arts. Her fun-loving, friendly attitude sets the perfect tone when she teaches."

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